April 22, 2009

A Ward Spring Welcome

Over a month passed since my last run through Ward Reservation. It's usually my staple stomping ground but I've been remiss in my training here. With a free afternoon, I was excited to check out my favorite trails and fool around along those I'd yet to explore.

Woah, the beavers are building! Deer ticks are also active so I spritzed myself with "Don't Bug Me: All Natural Insect Repellent" by Earth Sisters. What a great product; it works, it's natural and the blend of essential oils smells wonderful. I bumbled upon it at a farmer's market in Plymouth, MA. I couldn't locate the exact item on line but did see repellent with the same name by Three Sisters Farms.

See how I am becoming invisible? The potion is taking effect. Hidden to bugs, I fluttered into the woods. Mud, moss, leaves, buds, and cooties—par for the spring-trail course. Widow-makers lurked and fallen branches toyed along Shrub Hill like tossed pick-up-sticks. Soon the skunk cabbage will make its presence known but today its fragile leaves poked through the stream muck near Boston Hill.

Now "invisible,"
I attempt to float—
undetected—over these rocks.

Maybe I'll ascend the same up to Elephant Rock?Link
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Spring sent its calling card in March, which was highlighted by a leisurely group training run through Trustees of the Reservations properties and adjacent AVIS land. In February, I ran solo through the snow. What a difference two months makes:

A winter scurry: 2.7.09.
See you in the spring...

Out of "hibernation..."
A spring-fever pass from: 4.20.09.

at last . . . Spring!


Dan said...

Ah yes, sweet spring.

Old Man Winter has gone to bed
Beneath his thick, snowy blanket
The earth was fed
Waiting for the warmth of spring
She poked through her head
Of flowers golden, blue and red
- Breakheart Dan

Hope to see you soon. Would love to do another Ward Reservation run.

Running and living said...

Yay for Spring! Love the pictures and your description - makes me want to go out there and run:) Ana

Unknown said...

What a great post! My hometown of Plymouth mentioned, pictures of ga(i)t(e/o)rs lurking in the swamp, and poetry by Breakheart Dan, who could ask for anything more? Ward would be fun, but we are busy as those beavers with our race calendars! Which isn't a bad thing!