April 29, 2009

"Hair of the Dog" Art Show

On May 1st the The Essex Art Center (Lawrence, MA) will host "Hair of the Dog" art exhibit and wine tasting event—with live music!

This fundraiser benefits the MSPCA at Nevins Farm. Tickets are $25 at the door. 100% of the ticket sales help the animals and programs of Nevins Farm, as do 10% of all art and liquor sales.

I'll be one of the participating artists and will exhibit pieces from my new mixed-media drawing series.

"Strange Cases: Jackals & Hydes," a pun on the novella of a similar title, explores themes around split personalities, character and identity—in animals. Inspired by the original novella, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by R.L. Stevenson, and its related psychological connections, I discovered both its humorous and horrific coupling with animals and ink blots.

The black and white compositions technically and symbolically mirror duplicitous divisions. I hope to release animals trapped in their blots.

In a quasi "exquisite corpse"—or perhaps a case of genetic roulette—I visually alter and combine the heads and bodies of different manimals to form new ones. These Franken-creatures take on new personalities and attributes, and draw attention to those lost; some are surely doomed toward extinction, others freed from their previous confines.

Oh I must not forget, "Walter, The Shy Brother of Curious George."

He wanted me to tell you that
he hopes to see you there.


Ron Schinder said...

ummmm, you are way too talented!

CTmarathoner said...

Trixie --thanks so much for commenting on my blog (On Long Island marathoners needing prozac -so true!!! good training for paved loopy ultras)-
I love your blog!! You are so creative. I like the Medford trail race write-up and the t-shirts with the owls on them. You and I have alot in common --I am also an artist-plus I love cats!! I have 3 glad to know about your blog. Good luck in your upcoming trail events --you'll have to meet my friend Tammy massie thru her blog -she is an ultramarathoner who loves cats