December 29, 2012

Feedback in the Fabric Store

While shopping for fabric, I met a woman who asked me what I intended to make with all that fabric, which was overflowing by-the-bolt from my cart. I showed her some of my ideas for color and texture combinations to which she replied, "Wow, what a great imagination...I never would have though of putting those together...beautiful." 
Her comment to me reinforced that my vision for color and texture is indeed unique to others, while still being second nature to me. Many scarves are on the market and I hope to continue to set mine apart by their and intuitive combinations and designs.

Voila: Vision & inspiration into a unique infinity scarf.

The photos are of the finished scarf I made from the material I showed the woman. This will be an edition of two; only two scarves will exist  like this one picture.

These scarves, and others with lighter materials, will list on Etsy as spring approaches. 

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