December 08, 2012

DC No. 86: Cactus

"above the choya" m/m on paper.

I am a prickly pear. I hover above the choya.

This week's drawing challenge was hosted by TinyWOOLF. I have been down with the flu this week and had some time to think about this week's drawing challenge laying in bed between shiver and chill. I remembered the breadth of character of a cactus. . .  while defensive on the outside—with her needles and pins —she is supple and fragile on the inside. A delicate flower.

It took these photos when hiking Guadalupe Mesa in  Jemez, New Mexico in June 2003. It was nice to go back, thank you tinyWOOLF.

 This is the beautiful Guadalupe Mesa.


tanĂ¯a said...

Oh wow! Mexico! I'd love to go there one day! Great diversity of cacti. Lovely artwork, yours!

nadine paduart said...

but you are so welcome, sweet trespas. how nice tinyWOOLF made you travel back in time... i hope you're feeling better?

your interesting collage makes my thoughts wonder, putting words to it almost, to this little tug at my heart...
thanks for playing!!!!

renilde said...

you take me from a wet and grey belgium to a wonderful blue skied Guadalupe Mesa, quite a trip, and there they are in their natural habitat
and i learned that prickly pear is what i called a cactus fig

your work tells me of the wideness of that place,

take care and get well soon, x

Patrice A. said...

I do not like cactus
but your photos are beautiful
maybe it's different when seen
in their natural surroundings

I hope you feel better soon

Patrice A.

Lise B said...

The world is a strange place, so different ! No cacti here in Norway, I can tell you. Hope you are better!

Kim Henkel Creations said...

Lovely creation, and beautiful photos. Love to see these wonderful cacti in their natural habitat.

Stefanie Seltner said...

great pictures!!! So different from our weather at the moment with all that snow and cold.
I had flowers of cacti in mind and yes, a flu, too.
So, hope you feel better now, nice to meet you!
x Stefanie

Carole Reid said...

Your prickly pear and choya are simply gorgeous! It's been raining on Vancouver Island for the past three days so I really enjoyed seeing the dry photos of New Mexico.

Rachel said...

I love New Mexico and the photos you shared. Such beauty in the desert.
And I hope that you are now recovered from your flu.


nadine paduart said...

hey miss emily!
i seem not to have your e-mailadress, so i've left a message in reply to your today comment. if your mailbox doesn't automatically tell you i've left you an answer, then go look!!
till this weekend, love!

renilde said...

hello Emily you are very welcome to the dc, yes Ariane of Rose is the keeper of the list, she always announces who is hosting next, see you this weekend, thanks, x