December 13, 2012

Care and Laundering Instructions

In an effort to keep the design of my scarves streamlined, I omit care labels. Today, I received a message from a happy infinity owner inquiring about how to launder her scarf:

"Hi, I purchased one of your infinity double wrap scarves at Accent with Style in Milford, and would like your advice on how to wash it. It is a beautiful shiny blue material with a 9-inch piece of print material that is gray with red circles. Love it! Thanks! Paula in Wilton"

"Paula, what a nice surprise to see your message. I attached an image of the fabric(s) I think you described. Both fabrics, the other a velvet with some stretch, are a poly blend. My recommendation, in general, is to hand wash in cool water using Woolite (or another mild detergent) and hang to dry. 

If you feel compelled to machine-wash, which I do not wholly endorse, I have laundered similar scarves using a fine mesh garment bag with a mild detergent—in a front loading washing machine. NOT using a garment bag runs the risk of the material catching on a center spinner (of top loading machines). If you have a top loading machine I would hand wash—always.
As needed, iron on LIGHT setting with a pillow case between the iron and the scarf. I try to check my fabrics when I purchase them for blend/material content information and laundering. Sometimes it is not available. I am not a fan of the dry cleaning process (and its byproducts) so I avoid those fabrics. I hope this helps,  
The Trail Pixie, Emily Trespas"

I would like to add that it is important to wash separately (or with like colors) the first laundering, as some fabric dyes may transfer.

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