December 31, 2012

So Near and Yet So Far

"Legs," digital photograph, Ithaca, NY by E. Trespas
With merely a few days until I return to teaching on January 3, 2013, I am grateful and eager, as well as, a little nervous to return to requirements, schedules and a swift change-of-pace. My time away from full-time teaching permitted me to do so many wonderful things, travel, grow and gain perspective, especially. I could go on about all of those things and more...and I probably will in time...but this short post has one main goal: THANKS.

Thank you to all of the people who made it possible for me to take sabbatical and helped me accomplish my goals (and then some) during these months from June through December, 2012.

Thank you and Thank you and Thank you...
"Bird in a Hand," digital photograph, Ithaca, NY, by E Trespas

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