December 02, 2012

Branching Out: FIVE Shops Selling my Sewn Wares

With the weather growing colder, I am back to my sergers and sewing this season.  I am designing a lot of new infinity scarves— among other accessories—and must get them out into the world for others to enjoy. To this end I spent a few days networking and am happy to report that several stores will carry my sewn work.  This is exciting and makes me want to sew even more.

I am also busy getting things set up in my Etsy Shop: Trail Pixie Studios, coming in 2013.

This season my  Sewn Wares are Available Here:
20-40 Depot Street, Peterborough, NH (603) 924-2787
Unique infinity scarves and "ferz" cowls.

37 Wilton Road @ The Pine Valley Mill
Milford, NH (603) 654-9868
Infinity scarves and cowls, fleece hats/mittens, stuffed animals. 

457 NewHampshire
Route 123, Sharon, NH
(603) 924-7256
Infinity scarves in velvet, jersey and ferz. 

3 Barnard Street, Andover, MA
(978) 474-1995
Plushy fur cowls and infinities
Thank Taylor, shop co-owner! Ask her to show you my makings—ferz!

4 Slip Road, Greenfield, NH
(603) 547-2850
Infinity scarves and cowls, fleece hats/mittens, bags.

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