December 02, 2012

"All Pi-Ed Up" Prints on Exhibit at SAC

This Friday (12.7.12) at the SAC art opening, I hope to connect with two of the artists I met in the Museum of Printing's Letterpress Broadside workshop last month. Amy and Devin told me about this timely opportunity and for that I am thankful. I believe their work is full text while other artists, like myself, chose to combine image and text. In co-curating the show with Kate Lenahan, Zach Green  looked for a range of responses that included conversations between word and image—as well as direct messages.

PR for the Exhibit!
Artscope Magazine mention: artscope magazine .
A link to the Facebook Event is HERE.

All Pi-Ed Up: Experiments in Letterpress Broadsides.
Some of my prints in my thesis exhibit in graduate school included setting symbolic type on the letterpress and printing the quotes without ink. By omitting ink, the embossing of the letters was deeply present while the traditional relief impression from inked type was absent. This dialogue between presence and absence is a recurring thread through my work—though not always obvious.  

I have Jim Tyler, Larch Tree Press, to thank for my early fondness for the font. When I saw Jim in October, after 16 years, our visit rekindled my fascination with letterpress. We enjoyed  Steve Miller's talk, "Why Books? Why Not?" at Wells College in Aurora, NY, before which I admired the college's highly specialized Book Arts Center.
The convergence of these events might be the start of a new direction in my visual work.

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