December 01, 2012

Getting Ready: Trail Pixie Studios

Welcome to Trail Pixie Studios. Some of you may know me as the Trail Pixie from my Trail Pixie Trespas or Gator-Bait Gaiters blogs—yes it is playful and curious me. Others might be visiting this blog for the first time and I thank you! To learn more about my other visual art and feel free to visit my website, I am not great at sitting still for long periods, have an active imagination and a fascination with the tactile, hands-on aspects of creating. Thankfully my interests are broad.  

Since I am currently not consumed by training and running trail ultras, I redirected my creative energies, in part, to designing/making accessories. (The other parts are reserved for my teaching of art, creating fine art, living get the picture.) 

Since I was in high school, 20+ years ago, I was busy making jewelry. During college and graduate school, I entered various holiday fairs with my jewelry and hats and was encouraged by the enthusiasm. After I began teaching full time in 1999, I was thankful to participate from time-to-time in open studio sales with other local artists and craftspeople in a beautiful Lawrence mill building. All these events directed me, along with the encouragement of peers and colleagues, to open an Etsy shop, Trail Pixie Studios. The Etsy shop is under construction and building slowing so bear with me, please.

This blog serves as an on-line sketch and idea space for the shop. I hope you enjoy what's to come!

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