April 04, 2009

Blue Hills "DRB" Training Run

Saturday a group of us met up, including some folks from Trail Animals Running Club, for a run in the Blue Hills Reservation in Milton, Mass. The "plan" was to train the TARC *DRB 50k course at a comfortable 13-15 minute/mile pace. While I can't make year's DRB, exploring the vast Blue Hills Reservation with a seasoned running group was very rewarding. (*Don't Run Boston.)

From the outset I only intended to complete the first loopy section. This turned out to be 12 miles. 12 "rocky, hilly, vista-gorging" miles. Four of us felt sated with this effort. Still, the others, some having traveled from VT and NH, remained hungry and headed back into the woods to forage more steep inclines.
Perhaps you'll run/hike a TARC event in the Blue Hills? If you do, bring their marked course map, complemented by the dcr's $2 map.

Thanks to Dan for sharing his Scooby Snacks with me when my lunch box was empty and to Kevin for the post0-run breakfast treat. Nice to see you Bogie and also Chris, and to meet Steve & Deb Pero, Steve and Jeff and Damon. I hope to see you all again sometime in the woods, on the trails and amidst more "unleashed" Trail Animals.


Running and living said...

Sounds like an awesome run. The vistas and gorgeous! Ana-Maria

Dan said...

Very nice post and pictures. It was great to explore some new trails and have someone else responsible for navigation. Remember, you can never have too many Scooby snacke!