January 16, 2012

Thrift Shop: A Juried Photography Exhibition

It's been awhile since I entered my art into a juried exhibition. So when I read the title and description for "Thrift Shop: A Juried Photography Exhibition," I was all in. 
I am an artist who works in many mediums, which makes it challenging to answer simple questions like, "So, what's your medium?" or "What kind of work do you make?"  Basically, my creative ideas and practices beckon different mediums. I am open to a diversity of materials—

"You do not make sculpture because you like wood. That is absurd. You make sculpture because the wood allows you to express something that another material does not allow you to."  —Louise Bourgeois (Interview with Donald Kuspit, 1988)

January 13, 2012

Darn It

These past months I feel like a pincushion. The aching in my hips can't be ignored; I am unraveling.
I have high hopes for ART.
The PT forewarns "[my] treatment is not going to be pleasant. In fact it will hurt... a lot." No embellishments there! During the first session it felt like he tore me apart at the seams. Snap.  

My work is to lengthen and reinforce, less surging and darting.

I've gathered my pins and cushions. 
 I will mend.

January 09, 2012


Now ....the waiting begins. 
......Sort of. 

I am a busy little Yeti preparing and tinkering, scuffling and foraging behind the scenes. I am thrilled that the race filled to capacity in less than a month! 
Many thanks to the TARC folks who get these events rolling and the GACers who help top things off. 

No matter what the weather is in mid-March, we are bound to have some fun out there running through Andover's town trails, along the Bay Circuit and in 226 acre Harold R. Rafton Reservation.

Photo: little Yeti waiting by his den.