September 18, 2012


This week I noticed a lot of things that were very BIG. Bigger than usual, actually. I started to wonder about their counterparts, the things that appear small by comparison—and how these need each other to be mammoth or miniscule.
Tremendous Tomatoes.

Mini Milkweed.

 Small Square in Surroundings.

Great Greens.

Bitty Beets.

Bulky Bumble Bee with Petite Pollen.

September 04, 2012

Bouncing Between

These past weeks I have bounced about from garden to kitchen, from road to trail, from car to appointment, from studio to basement, from mailbox to cat box and so on... Soon I will settle some and see to September garden callings. 

This past weekend I caught up with the garden and made two sauces and a lot of things with zucchini. 

 Leaning Tower of Eggplant with nearby 
Zucchini bread/muffins with pineapple.

Saturday I enjoyed the Hancock, NH Farmer's Market 
These little tomtoms are so very sweet!
 Monday a trip to an epic Rummage Sale and festival in Francestown, NH.

Catch and Release: A Mouse Rescue Project:
 Cat up to something by the wood carrier. A mousy. Poor mouse.
 Ears back....cute but scared.
I dropped off the little by the compost bin and 
away he went, into the stone wall.