December 15, 2013

DC No. 124: Garland

 Friday I started two projects for Garland, Nadine's beautiful drawing challenge (Tinywolf). The first was an oval painting (perhaps I will finish and share here) and the second, a repeatable triangular stamp with a small tree.

When I woke up Saturday I had a severe case of vertigo, which is rolling into today. The spinning is not as bad this afternoon but I am unsteady on my feet just the same. (I happened to take this blurry photo, pink ode to vertigo, while loosing my balance!) It feels a bit suspect to have twirled my imagination around the theme of decorative spiraling garlands to now be possessed by VeRt!g@. 

Instead of finishing my painting or stamped garland, I decided to brighten this snowy New England day with my Ode to Spring garland. It's a necklace with an accompanying ring. With a surplus of disassembled fake flowers parts in my cache, I will returning to making up-cycled jewelry with them for a Spring 2014 Trail Pixie Studios line.
Emily Trespas
ode to spring | necklace & ring
re-purposed fake flower parts, nylon, florist tape & wire

Please link to other artists' garlands through Nadine's Tinywolf.