September 05, 2010

Calf Pain is no Bull

Since a fast run and an epic ride on the Cape about 10 days ago, I’ve felt an ache in my right calf.  Now, when I go up stairs I feel a  “clicking” sensation directly in the back of my calf. It’s deep. I am troubled. Of course, I keep trying to replicate it to see if it's still there, still hurting. Dumb...

At first I thought it might be a small pull or strain but with the recent clicking feature, I’m beginning to believe it might be tendonitis. ??? Next week I’ll go in for a Q & A with my PCP. Hopefully the recommendation will be one week off, a series of weekly messages, more gentle stretching, and second helpings of mint chocolate chip ice cream. 
Waiting by the edge of a field... 
the field to get home.
As I was already about 15 miles from Windblown, I couldn’t resist heading over to cheer on some of the Wapack runners. I was also trying to cross paths with some trail gumbas, like Breakheart Dan. and Kevin Z. I didn’t know if Dan would be there but I took a chance. Success! We shared a short hike and cheered on the lead runners before he left. I missed seeing several other folks finish before I split for my green pasture.

The calf feels okay right now but IF I must take a lot of time off,
that will be a real pain in the you know what.