February 24, 2014

Sleeping Cats in Sky, Creamsicle, Wisteria and Wheat

My Sleeping Cats fabric just arrived and I am thrilled with the colors and quality of the reproduction of my original ink-wash drawings. The original art is from one of my travel sketchbooks; it's a series of sleeping cats throughout Italy.

I have two different fabrics—one is a soft, t-shirt-like jersey (in colors: creamsicle and sky blue) and the other a light-weight cotton voile (in colors: wisteria and wheat). The scarves sewn from the jersey will be backed with a soft solid fabric in heather gray (to match the cats) or white/off-white. 

Infinity Loop and Straight Scarves
in Sky and Creamsicle.

Cotton Voile in Wisteria and Wheat.
I will announce when these will be fore sale in 
the Trail Pixie Studios Etsy shop and/or my gallery shops: