December 15, 2013

DC No. 124: Garland

 Friday I started two projects for Garland, Nadine's beautiful drawing challenge (Tinywolf). The first was an oval painting (perhaps I will finish and share here) and the second, a repeatable triangular stamp with a small tree.

When I woke up Saturday I had a severe case of vertigo, which is rolling into today. The spinning is not as bad this afternoon but I am unsteady on my feet just the same. (I happened to take this blurry photo, pink ode to vertigo, while loosing my balance!) It feels a bit suspect to have twirled my imagination around the theme of decorative spiraling garlands to now be possessed by VeRt!g@. 

Instead of finishing my painting or stamped garland, I decided to brighten this snowy New England day with my Ode to Spring garland. It's a necklace with an accompanying ring. With a surplus of disassembled fake flowers parts in my cache, I will returning to making up-cycled jewelry with them for a Spring 2014 Trail Pixie Studios line.
Emily Trespas
ode to spring | necklace & ring
re-purposed fake flower parts, nylon, florist tape & wire

Please link to other artists' garlands through Nadine's Tinywolf.

November 29, 2013

DC No. 122: Everyday Objects (12/1/2013)

Emily Trespas 
2.5 inches high |  7.5 inches diameter 
Earthenware Clay

For months I stepped back from this blog to focus on other things. When I recently re-visited blogs I follow and have not read in months, I was enamored by Kristen's invitation for the drawing challenge: Everyday Objects.
Bowls serve many purposes; they contain, transport, and display. Today I went by the kiln house to find my fired pinch pots and slumped vessel projects from last month. Years passed since I worked in clay and this fall I felt compelled to wedge the wet earth into something both practical and beautiful. I needed to touch, form and decorate.

I slumped the bowl (pictured) over a plaster mold before carving its irregular sawtooth edge, and drawing into its surface with sgraffito.  Glazing was another experiment as I did not know what would happen during the firing over scratched passages and overlapping coats.

From soil, this bowl:

I missed reading A Sunny Spot and was thrilled to catch up on Kristen's—and other artists'—posts who participate weekly in the drawing challenge. Please visit A Sunny Spot and see how other artists transformed the mundane, ordinary and Everyday Object into art.

November 27, 2013

Keep Noggins Warm This Winter: Headbands & Neck Gaiters for Cold Weather

In addition to scarves, gator-bait gaiters and hats—I'm sewing ear warmers, headbands,  neck gaiters in soft and moisture-wicking materials. 

These are great for cool-weather running, skiing, snowshoeing, etc. When you need a little cooling off, pull it down around your neck. 

Stow in your pocket when spending time outdoors—sledding, skating, skipping, hiking and walking the dog...

For sale at Trail Pixie Studios.
Many prints will be added for the Holidays. 

Trail Pixie Studios handmade scarves are now available for purchase at The Museum Shop at the Addison Gallery of American Art in Andover, Massachusetts.

June 01, 2013

DC No. 105: Key / Hole

acrylic on canvas 
4 x 6 inches
29 May 2013

As I hold the keys 
from my
from their responsibilitie--

I wonder why it is we secure what we do.

For access to other places, turn the latch towards Renilde's blog.

May 25, 2013

DC No. 104: Proverb or Saying

a/c | 7 x 5 inches | 2013
e. trespas

Like a crumb before a little bird, 
I could not resist this drawing challenge.

Named after Emily Dickinson, I hold
her poetry like a sibling at my side. 

Please visit Patricia A's blog for more insights.

May 10, 2013


© emily trespas

This stirring—
 turmoil below
the eb and flow
a push and pull
will find its 
natural course
in time.

April 29, 2013

2013 Hair of the Dog Wine Tasting & Art Show

This week I am preparing for the 9th annual Hair of the Dog benefit Art Show and Wine & Beer Tasting for the MSPCA (Nevins Farm). 

Hair of the Dog
Friday, May 3rd, 6—9 p.m.
60 Island Street, Lawrence, Mass.
What fortune we can exhibit in Chester's at Bell Tower Square (60 Island Street Lawrence, MA). The location is beautiful with hardwood floors, huge windows and exposed beam ceilings. (Photo of my space at the 2012 Hair of the Dog.)

For sale I will have 2013 Spring—Summer 2013 scarves—in both infinity loop and traditional styles. As well as several of past season's scarves on major clearance. Also—for the month of May, I will contribute 10% of all sales from Trail Pixie Studios Etsy Shop to the MSPCA.

Infinity Scarves from:

 In addition to donating 10% of any sales at the Hair of the Dog, each year artists also contribute a $25 art work to the EAC wall. This year I'll be bringing this "Little Flyer" print.

For more information and ticket please visit the MSPCA site HERE....

"We'll be sampling over 50 wines and beers from around the world, so you'll be guaranteed to find a favorite!  With tasty tidbits from Whole Foods Market Catering in Andover, and dozens of artists from Merrimack Valley showcasing their work, the evening is a "can't miss" event.  

100% of the ticket sales will benefit the animals and programs of Nevins Farm. Additionally 10% of all wine & beer and art sales will also be donated. 

Advance tickets may be purchased online, at Shawsheen Village Liquors, or at the Noble Family Adoption Center through Thursday May 2nd.  After May 2nd, tickets are $30 at the door . For more information, contact the MSPCA at 978-687-7453 ext. 6101"

TARC Spring Classic 2013

Perfect weather for the TARC Spring Classic Races last Saturday in Weston, Mass.  I was happy to spend time with the trail running community, to volunteer, and to support over 300 runners from registration to the aid table.

Getting the "Greg Lowe-down" on grilled quesadillas gave me the idea of serving pancakes at the start/finish aid station the morning of the TARC 100. I'm also thinking about a few hot pureed (sans dairy) soups like potato, sweet potato or carrot. We're also thinking of serving PIZZAS like Bogie used to have at the end of the Fells Race. So far so good?

Bill Howard and I are Co-Captains of the Start—Finish Aid Station and besides  race-day food-cravings for ultra runners we are ALSO on the lookout for volunteers anytime between—June 14 through June 16!
Curious? Please check out the race site for details: TARC 100 & 50 Milers.

For the past few weeks I duct-taped my mouth closed so I would not spill the beans about 2013 Spring Classic T-shirts!! These were un-caged last Saturday to all the runners from 10k to 50k. 
 Bob gave me carte blanche in the design with the only stipulation that "It needed a Yeti..."  Umm,  no problem, Bob. Promospark did a great job and I am thankful that "Dallas Green" is not the color of caterpillar guts  or electric kiwis but more of a Kelly green. Here's the way it all played out:
(Photo from Wendy Cashen Akeson)

April 28, 2013

DC No. 100: Dance

gouache/watercolor, vintage photo, gold leaf 
6 x 4 inches
This week I strongly considered our theme “dance” as movement in nature—wind through trees, light on water, mating rituals—before choosing one of my Italian Miniature Paintings to share. 

Visual Sources for my Salomé:

  • Detail of Salomé’s dance, Herod’s Banquet, mosaic of XIV century Basilica di San Marco, Battistero, Venezia, Italia;

  • Birds, Basilica di San Francesco, Assisi, Italia;

  • “Venice, 1931,” vintage photographic test print (un provino) from Porta Portese flea market, Roma, Italia. 
  To be enraptured by other dances 

April 22, 2013

DC No. 99: Tiles

The last time I enjoyed the small beach in Atrani, Italy, I dove all afternoon collecting sherds of tiles 
along the ocean floor. 

Debris from home renovations— tiles were cast into the sea to tumble & roll with tides until 
trapped in coves. 

Sea foam and aquamarine are the colors of
 La Costiera Amalfatina. 

 Medley, watercolor, 12" x 10", 2013

 For more tiles please visit Ariane's Rose.

April 13, 2013

DC No. 98: Beauty

No. 2
charcoal and crayon on newsprint
11 x 8.5 inches

Drawing sees beauty in everything.

Behold — more beauty in tinyWOOLF.

March 24, 2013

DC No. 97: Egg

Egg: Simple, smooth, a container of secrets. 
Below are two of my oil paintings relating to this week's drawing challenge theme.

"Secret" oil on wood, 36 x 24 inches, 2001

 Detail of "Secret"

Working with a limited three-color palette of Ultramarine blue, Burnt Sienna and Zinc White, I developed this painting as an in-class demonstration for my students.
In-class Demonstration, oil on canvas, 12 x 12 inches, 2011

Please hunt for Norma's blog to find more interpretation's from this week's drawing challenge. 

March 16, 2013

DC No. 96: Willow

"Sensing Spring"
woodcut silhouette on braille | collage 
 8 x 5 inches

For this week's challenge I moved beyond my initial ideas and chose to share what are the rearranged scraps from my first response. The collage is  concise and an economic design. It gets at the heart of spring, too—grays into greens.  

Artist Carole Reid hosted this week's challenge with her spring-inspired theme, willow. Enjoy all the drawing challenge contributions at her blog.

March 09, 2013

DC 95: Moon

The moon reminds me of texture, walking, phases — and our smallness amid this universe. For this week's Drawing Challenge I created two new moon prints:

"Moon," collograph with chine colle, 3.5 x 3.5 inches

 "Phases," collograph, monoprint, embossment, 9 x 3.5 inches

12 years ago I pulled this lunar eclipse print:
"Eclipse," mixed media print with relief, drypoint, chine colle and pin

For more moon observations visit Patrice's blog.

February 24, 2013

DC No. 94: Glass

Boro beads by Emily Trespas Summer 2012 

At the mention of this word, I think of my first creative experience with glass . . . film. 

For many childhood birthday parties my father checked out a special film from our local library and played it on a projector for our guests. It was Bert Haanstra's, 1958 Dutch short documentary, Glas.

Please enjoy this timeless film documentary here: Bert Haanstra's Glas (on YouTube).

Since then my love of glass certainly continued into the 1990's from exploring a slumping and fusing class at Serviente Glass Studios (Ithaca, NY) to a weekend workshop at the North Bennet Street School (Boston, MA). Meeting artist Dale Chihuly years ago at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA, also contributed to my love of the medium.

This past summer (2012) I returned to the glass studio for a wonderful class at the Sharon Art Center in Sharon, NH with artist Janet Duchesneau.  
Some more of my boro beads: I love frit!
Over many hours and several weeks I made handfuls of glass beads from boroscilicate glass rods. Needless to say....earrings are on the way!
 More of my beads— little cosmos to behold
Many many thanks to Susan Christensen for hosting this week's drawing challenge. Her blog Flying Dog Studio Design Wall offers many interpretations of the theme, Glass, by her and other talented artists. 

My favorite glass painting jar:

February 19, 2013

A Limited Four-Color Earth Palette

As I start to think about various assignments for my advanced painting students this spring, I remember the four-color palette with which I experimented eight years ago. This small study was painted in oils using only four colors: Yellow Ochre, Indian Red, Lamp Black and Titanium White. 

To Go, oil on canvas, 10 x 8 inches, 2004

The nature of this palette is color temperature and color relativity. Place a cool gray against a warm red and the cool gray appears blue.  I will post more example of my paintings using this limited palette if I come across them.

Other variations of four-color earth tone palettes are out there. Experiment, substitute and see what color and spatial relationships you create in your paintings.

Titanium White
Yellow Ochre
Indian Red
Lamp Black

Venetian Red (more orange/warmer; makes a better orange); Terra Rosa (better pinkish red); English Red is more brown. Lamp is a cooler black, which is good for "blue;" while Ivory Black is warmer. Yellow Ochre substitutions might be explores with Pale Yellow or Naples Yellow for Ochre?

February 17, 2013

DC No. 93: Lighthouse

What a stormy week it’s been. I will leave it at that. 
Thank goodness for Renilde’s  theme this week—LIGHTHOUSE—a beacon for hope and stability.

Sifting through some of my “scrap” monoprints, I found one with a towering silhouette shape amidst a turbulent, violent, ocean.  With conté pastels I added a ship and the radiating light.

 Hoping for calmer waters this week.

February 13, 2013

Two Broadsides in "Black Ink" at the Nave Gallery Annex

Two recent broadsides to be exhibited in "Black Ink: Works on Paper" at the Nave Gallery Annex in Davis Square, Somerville, Mass.

Show Dates:

Thursday, February 21 - Friday, March 8, 2013

Closing: Friday, March 8 (time: tba)

With the title BLACK INK, how could I not submit prints for consideration? I stumbled on this call-to artists four days before the submission deadline and promptly shifted into high gear. I refined my woodcut, printed the circular birch plywood plate, and scanned three finished prints for on-line submission.  

Juror, Carolyn Muskat, of Muskat Studios, selected two of my three pieces for the show. I am thrilled and looking forward to viewing her other choices and the meeting, Ted Ollier and company of The Nave Gallery.

"Shadow," recently exhibited in "All Pi-Ed Up: Experiments in Letterpress Broadsides" at The Sharon Arts Gallery (Peterborough, NH), now travels to the NAVE.

"Shadow," Linoleum Relief and Letterpress, 14 x 12 ins., 2012 

"Untitled," a woodcut & letterpress broadside (mash up of old and new) is also in Black Ink.

"Untitled," Woodcut and Letterpress, 10 x 10 ins.,  2013

Years ago, I set and printed the letterpress type for this quote and put it away—unfinished and incomplete. It hibernated in my flat files until I heard it calling with clarity and conviction. Sometimes it takes years to gain perspective on a visual idea; I believe the text and image dialogue is now complete.

The concept "Black Ink" evokes permanence, a pledge defying doubt, real and true. I see now how both of these prints challenge the premise.

  Next to Redbones BBQ in Davis Square!

February 09, 2013

DC No. 92: Postage Stamp

Postage Stamps are like miniature prints so it's no wonder I still collect them as an adult.  This messy, unarchived box from my childhood stamp collection was just the beginning:
What a surprise to open this handmade envelope containing "music stamps." Hello, 1980's. I think they were from a mail flyer (from BMG?) to buy 10 cassette tapes for $1.  

 This Canada stamp, from my "intended for collage" collection made its way into
an accordion palm book:

 For more postage stamp interpretations please
"pony express" your way to Helen's post.

February 02, 2013

DC No. 91: Discovery

I was happy to host this week's drawing challenge with a theme of Discovery. Please enjoy the personal and beautiful discoveries by these creative researchers, explorers and makers: Ariane, Tania, Norma, Susan, Kristen, Renilde, Sabine, Stefanie, Helen, Roberto, and me (below). 
Holding up this theme up as a creative viewfinder, I became mindful of various moments when I was learning something new. 

This week I brought a box of salt water taffy to school to share with my painting students. We made short order of the box and I was left with a colorful pile of empty wrappers. Inspiration! I got out the gel medium, prepared a stretched canvas and began. I glopped gel medium, layered, cut, composed, adjusted the composition and re-/discovered these things in the process:
  • act promptly when a visual idea hugs you;
  • colors can deceive: yellow might be lemon or banana;
  • art materials are everywhere, including the waste bin;
  • wax wrappers saturated with gel medium are stained glass windows; 
  • repositioning often keeps a composition plastic;
  • reorienting  a canvas for display tests the composition's strength;
  • edges matter;
  • students are inspired by a teacher immersed in the creative process;
  • students are entertained by glue covered hands;
  • taffy is yummy. 
 Thank you to all for participating in this creative research.

January 26, 2013

DC No. 90: Bead

When I grocery shop at the local market around dinner, sometimes I treat myself to Maki-sushi. My bead is inspired by a Philadelphia roll. I formed it with Sculpey Polymer clay and created its green sushi grass out of paper for the mini bento box.

Norma, hosted this week’s playful theme BEAD.  Please visit her blog to see her beautiful bead and link to enjoy other beads in the drawing challenge “strand.” Thank you Norma for this theme, I enjoyed working 3D-mini again.