December 31, 2012

So Near and Yet So Far

"Legs," digital photograph, Ithaca, NY by E. Trespas
With merely a few days until I return to teaching on January 3, 2013, I am grateful and eager, as well as, a little nervous to return to requirements, schedules and a swift change-of-pace. My time away from full-time teaching permitted me to do so many wonderful things, travel, grow and gain perspective, especially. I could go on about all of those things and more...and I probably will in time...but this short post has one main goal: THANKS.

Thank you to all of the people who made it possible for me to take sabbatical and helped me accomplish my goals (and then some) during these months from June through December, 2012.

Thank you and Thank you and Thank you...
"Bird in a Hand," digital photograph, Ithaca, NY, by E Trespas

December 23, 2012

My Etsy Shop is OPEN!

Ringing, bringing, singing and sewing in 2013 with my Etsy Shop grand opening:

I hope you enjoy it and visit often. Over the next weeks I will add many more things I created during the past months, as well as new items I am busy designing.

Please Note:
  • Trail Pixie Studios will be out of town December 23 - 28. All orders placed during this time will ship between December 29 and 31.
  • Did you know that USPS shipping will increase on January 27, 2013? if you want to save on shipping consider purchasing before the rates increase.
  • Special for the Phillips Academy Andover campus: If you work at/attend Andover, please send me a message (through the Etsy Shop) before ordering to save on shipping… your purchase may be hand delivered! 

 I am so excited to share what I make with you. 
Happy New Year

December 20, 2012


.....Checking lists, making resolutions, wrapping up 2012
xo, trail pixie trespas

December 14, 2012

DC No.87: Shelter

This week's drawing challenge theme was difficult for me, which made for wrestling thoughts and pressed choices. Shelter one of our basic needs—along with food and love—is not only structure but concept. 

I keep a box of old print pieces for times like these. I knew I had the woodcut teepee but was surprised to uncover the reindeer scrap, hiding beneath layers of printed matter. Finally freed to leap into the composition, I composed, embellished and drew onto these old prints to build this "renovated" shelter:
"two teepees"
silkscreen, wood cut, chine colle, silver thread and fabric trim

I've missed pen and ink this fall so I dipped my nib with an homage to Vincent Van Gogh, my pen and ink muse. After looking at many of his drawings, I developed my own versions and interpretations versus direct copy:
pen and ink wash on bristol
Shelter can be something many take for granted.  My thoughts meander to an opposite of the concept "shelter"—e x p o s u r e. There are so many homeless people in the world. And there are also individuals who are sheltered in life, by thought-process and fears. Above my peasant woman advances with trepidation, into an open space.  The smaller fellow herds his sheep, sheltering them from harm, protected by the forest.

This weeks theme was hosted by: Renilde
for more visual interpretations visit her blog. Thank you for this thought-provoking theme,  Renilde!
And thank you to Ariane, keeper of TDC theme archives.

December 08, 2012

DC No. 86: Cactus

"above the choya" m/m on paper.

I am a prickly pear. I hover above the choya.

This week's drawing challenge was hosted by TinyWOOLF. I have been down with the flu this week and had some time to think about this week's drawing challenge laying in bed between shiver and chill. I remembered the breadth of character of a cactus. . .  while defensive on the outside—with her needles and pins —she is supple and fragile on the inside. A delicate flower.

It took these photos when hiking Guadalupe Mesa in  Jemez, New Mexico in June 2003. It was nice to go back, thank you tinyWOOLF.

 This is the beautiful Guadalupe Mesa.

December 02, 2012

"All Pi-Ed Up" Prints on Exhibit at SAC

This Friday (12.7.12) at the SAC art opening, I hope to connect with two of the artists I met in the Museum of Printing's Letterpress Broadside workshop last month. Amy and Devin told me about this timely opportunity and for that I am thankful. I believe their work is full text while other artists, like myself, chose to combine image and text. In co-curating the show with Kate Lenahan, Zach Green  looked for a range of responses that included conversations between word and image—as well as direct messages.

PR for the Exhibit!
Artscope Magazine mention: artscope magazine .
A link to the Facebook Event is HERE.

All Pi-Ed Up: Experiments in Letterpress Broadsides.
Some of my prints in my thesis exhibit in graduate school included setting symbolic type on the letterpress and printing the quotes without ink. By omitting ink, the embossing of the letters was deeply present while the traditional relief impression from inked type was absent. This dialogue between presence and absence is a recurring thread through my work—though not always obvious.  

I have Jim Tyler, Larch Tree Press, to thank for my early fondness for the font. When I saw Jim in October, after 16 years, our visit rekindled my fascination with letterpress. We enjoyed  Steve Miller's talk, "Why Books? Why Not?" at Wells College in Aurora, NY, before which I admired the college's highly specialized Book Arts Center.
The convergence of these events might be the start of a new direction in my visual work.