November 28, 2012

DC No.85 : State of Mind

Following a creative cookie-crumb trail, I delighted to find The Drawing Challenge. I've always admired Kristen's vision and creativity and follow her blog, A Sunny Spot, so it made sense after enjoying her posts that I would soon seek indulgence. Thanks to Elisabeth—whom I learn founded TDC and 85 creative prompts ago—for TDC this week. State of Mind. For more states visit garnapa, Elisabeth's blog.

Here is my state-of-mind:
Emily Trespas, foggy notion,
collography, m/m on paper, 2012

Pieces. many scattered, collected, gathered and organized, but not touching. Hold them in. Layering, fiddling, seeking— free through peek holes. Muses emerge, whistling, whirling and foggy.

November 24, 2012

Broadside Basic Letterpress at the Museum of Printing

Today I treated myself to a letterpress workshop focusing on the Broadside, led by Ted Leigh (Red Squirrel Press) and Katey Corrigan both of the Museum of Printing in North Andover, MA.

This one-day workshop provided and excellent opportunity to finish carving my relief plate of a Shadowgraph and get inky. The wooden and metal type from which to choose was limited and pushed my concept for the better. 
 Scrapping haiku poems, I went for one encompassing word:  Shadow. My hope was to echo its meaning visually through my selection of font/type style, scale and arrangement, and to gesture towards narrative via smaller words/sounds/shapes within the larger word.  

 "Shadow." This is a detail from the broadside.
I was especially delighted that the small "o" didn't solidly ink. 

Organizing the wood/metal type as I did—in a non-linear, sideways and graphic composition—took more time to finish because of the uneven spaces between the letters. My friend Sally poked that this is what happens when artists and the  letterpress meet— A systematic and organized method is turned on its head. 

 I call this image:"Font settling score with Artist."
Above is my finished/carved relief plate in the galley with type. 
Notice anything funny? Neither did I— until I proofed the plate:

ShaBow. That little "d" or a "p" was a "b."

Proofed again & Much better after the correction.

 Devin, Katey, Amy (at press) and Sally. 

 Aron at the Vandercook.

 Katey: type in hand.

 Devin's broadside on the Vandercook.

Ted Leigh, Red Squirrel Press, rolls up a baren.

Devin composes..

 Aron organizes the type.

The stained type is so beautiful.

My broadsides drying at home.
Before trimming paper scale is 24 inches high and 15 inches wide. 
I will probably scale print down to 17 h x 14 w.

MANY THANKS to the MoP, Paparazzi Di Frank R., and especially to Katey and Ted for their volunteered time and dedication. Sally for her inspiration and help with the puzzle that was my word. Sorry about the tympan today!

Shop Locally! Local Shops Selling My Makings

Bird-image cowl 2-color jersey and Infinity double-wrap, 2-color Jersey

Since my return from an art retreat in upstate New York, I am pinned to my sewing tables and sergers. I have a love of textiles that I am no longer willing to curb. So it's about time to find places that will kindly help me sell what I make and share this textile love-affair with others. I am also hard at work on uploading goodies to my Etsy Shop: Trail Pixie Studios, which is forthcoming.

I am still busy making a new collection of long and short infinity scarves and cowls, as well as some Malden Mills Polartec© fleece hats and mittens. As I would rather be designing and creating instead of tending a fair booth, I pursued local shops to consign my wares or *buy them outright (thank you Nest of Andover).

This winter my scarves, hats, mittens, small zip bags, and stuffed animals and jewelry are available for purchase at the four locations below, as well as directly from me. If you can't make it to any these locations (or events listed), it would be my pleasure to arrange a viewing (send me an email

Accents with Style
37 Wilton Road @ The Pine Valley Mill
Milford, NH (603) 654-9868
Infinity scarves and cowls, fleece hats/mittens, stuffed animals (photo is from their FB page)

4 Slip Road, Greenfield, NH
(603) 547-2850
Infinity scarves and cowls, fleece hats/mittens, bags
3 Barnard Street, Andover, MA
(978) 474-1995
Plushy fur cowls and infinities
Thank Taylor, shop co-owner, and ask her to  you my makings.

 Sharon Art Center by Hand Shop 
457 NewHampshire
Route 123, Sharon, NH
(603) 924-7256
Infinity scarves in velvet, jersey and plushy fur fleece.


My Gizzlegorps© for adoption at  
Accents with Style, Milford, NH

Velvety cowls, fleece running hats and mittens and crocheted scarves.

Phew. Now I am off to a Broadside Letterpress Workshop