February 02, 2013

DC No. 91: Discovery

I was happy to host this week's drawing challenge with a theme of Discovery. Please enjoy the personal and beautiful discoveries by these creative researchers, explorers and makers: Ariane, Tania, Norma, Susan, Kristen, Renilde, Sabine, Stefanie, Helen, Roberto, and me (below). 
Holding up this theme up as a creative viewfinder, I became mindful of various moments when I was learning something new. 

This week I brought a box of salt water taffy to school to share with my painting students. We made short order of the box and I was left with a colorful pile of empty wrappers. Inspiration! I got out the gel medium, prepared a stretched canvas and began. I glopped gel medium, layered, cut, composed, adjusted the composition and re-/discovered these things in the process:
  • act promptly when a visual idea hugs you;
  • colors can deceive: yellow might be lemon or banana;
  • art materials are everywhere, including the waste bin;
  • wax wrappers saturated with gel medium are stained glass windows; 
  • repositioning often keeps a composition plastic;
  • reorienting  a canvas for display tests the composition's strength;
  • edges matter;
  • students are inspired by a teacher immersed in the creative process;
  • students are entertained by glue covered hands;
  • taffy is yummy. 
 Thank you to all for participating in this creative research.


Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Emily,
please count me in!


tanïa said...

I'm in, too. Let's see what I'm going to discover...

Best wishes

Unknown said...

Hi Emily I will be an explorer this week watching for a discovery please count me in.
Xxoo - sus

Unknown said...

Please count me IN dear Emily. *smiles* Norma

Kristen Donegan said...

Me too! glad there are a number of days to make this journey ;)

renilde said...

oh boy!! the giant squid i mean,
my discovery won't be that spectacular, count me in anyway please :) x

Miss Herzfrisch said...

Dear Emily,
a great theme - please count me in.

Stefanie Seltner said...

hello, google told me there was a mistake?!?
so again: count me in, please, thanks.
x Stefanie

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Hi Stefanie, I am not sure why Google said there was a mistake; I am glad you got through and I look forward to seeing your work.

roberto M. said...

Hi, Emily, I want to participate, I like the proposal, but not sure if I'll have time to think about something. Besides, I do not know whether, today, on Saturday, I'm in time to enroll for your DC????

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

ROberto, do participate if you can. The discoveries are for THIS weekend Feb 2-3. xo thanks.

objects of whimsy said...

Such a nice lot of discoveries Emily. I like your finished Taffy artwork a lot.
The wrappers make a wonderful composition of colour and form.
This was a great challenge and Im hoping you will join in mine next week I think you might enjoy it.

Have a great weekend

Helen :)

mano said...

a wonderful theme - but I'm so sorry, I can't participate this week.
your artwork is great! mano

renilde said...

dear Emily, i smiled at all your discoveries but 'taffy is yummy', i never tasted it :(
the fact that art materials are everywhere or that the creative eye is not active in the studio only is a discovery to my heart, it gives life a certain zing
that colors can deceive is something i often discover now during the dark winterdays
i also discovered your students are lucky to have a teacher who brings them candy and inspire them making
a beautiful work promptly

i also smiled noticing the trellis pattern,i appears in my work too

thanks for a wonderful theme Emily x

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Emily,
I have had a exciting week full of discoveries, thank you!
Your Dicovery here is fantastic... ahem, yummy... a yummy colourful patternd taffy!
Lucky students :) and thanks for the things of process.

x Ariane

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Ariane, THank You for sharing your photos. It is so wonderfult to see where you and others, too, travel throughout the week. This is a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

Bravo, Emily! Your discoveries - and the candy wrapper painting - make me smile. Thanks for the challenge - it was a thoughtful week with it on my mind! -sus

Miss Herzfrisch said...

Your collage reminds me that "spring is coming"... I really like the fresh colours.
Have a colourful week

Unknown said...

It's true that art materials are everywhere. One does not even need to go to the arts supply store. If the eye is aware and the heart inspired...your collage is inspiring indeed. I am imagining how great the candy was!!! Thank you for hosting this great and fun challenge. I struggled with my 'thing' but pushed through to the end, so feel better about myself. I discovered that I do not have to give up, even though I want to. *hugs* Norma, x

roberto M. said...

Hi Emily, I finally made ​​my discovery (you can remove the question mark) HA HA have a nice day!!!!!!