December 15, 2013

DC No. 124: Garland

 Friday I started two projects for Garland, Nadine's beautiful drawing challenge (Tinywolf). The first was an oval painting (perhaps I will finish and share here) and the second, a repeatable triangular stamp with a small tree.

When I woke up Saturday I had a severe case of vertigo, which is rolling into today. The spinning is not as bad this afternoon but I am unsteady on my feet just the same. (I happened to take this blurry photo, pink ode to vertigo, while loosing my balance!) It feels a bit suspect to have twirled my imagination around the theme of decorative spiraling garlands to now be possessed by VeRt!g@. 

Instead of finishing my painting or stamped garland, I decided to brighten this snowy New England day with my Ode to Spring garland. It's a necklace with an accompanying ring. With a surplus of disassembled fake flowers parts in my cache, I will returning to making up-cycled jewelry with them for a Spring 2014 Trail Pixie Studios line.
Emily Trespas
ode to spring | necklace & ring
re-purposed fake flower parts, nylon, florist tape & wire

Please link to other artists' garlands through Nadine's Tinywolf.


Kristen Donegan said...

a perfect thing to do on a day like today :)
I had no idea you suffer from vertigo! Hope it passes quickly!

Unknown said...

Gosh, I love this re-purposing, Emily! A breath of fresh spring air in this winter night.
Hope your vertigo is at an end by now - best wishes for the week ahead, sus

Patrice A. said...

such a fine sweet garland
and perfect on a dark day like this

i hope you will feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Vertigo. Such a splendid sounding word. Such a non-splendid world is this vertigo. Your swirling photo is pretty fantastic I think. The idea and presentation of your jewelry is comely. Just beautiful. May the vertigo vanish and may its' purpose right itself. Season's blessings to you Emily! With love, Norma, x

Cindi said...

Ode to Spring from upcycled flowers seems very comical on this snowy and slushy day.

And oh, I've had vertigo--I am SO sympathetic! If it continues, look up the Epley Maneuver online. It can really help a persistent case of it.

xxx C.

tanïa said...

Hope you're better in between, vertigo sounds horrible to me. Your outlook-for-spring-garland is a beautiful contrast to your unwell feelings and the colours make me happy. Get well soon!

renilde said...

dear Emily,your photo of a snowy outdoors and that pretty spring garland (i like the ring there) is so hope giving and lovely.
the white background of the garland reminds me of snow in late winter with crocuses peeing through.

hope you are feeling better, xx

nadine paduart said...

it is a garland alright, leading us straight into spring, you are cheerful! ;)))
i hope your vertigo subsides. whatever's the matter, because this sounds serious?
happy holidays...! save on spinning: no boose...!
thxs for playing, emily!