October 18, 2009

Recipe for a Long Run

Saturday I met up with folks for a long run, which began at Willowdale State Forest (along the Stone Cat 12.5 mile loop) and completed at Bradley Palmer. Three weeks out from the Stone Cat Trail Races (marathon & 50 miler), this was THE weekend to run loooong—rain or shine—before the kitty. So thankfully, the weather on Saturday was purrrfect for 4+ hours in the woods.

I drove my best “Daisy Dukes of Hazzard” along Old Right Road to meet GAC's trail-tour group but missed them; as I was tying my sneakers, they disappeared into the woods. Thankfully the usual trail suspects waited for me. (Sorry to make you wait! I hope I made up for it with some entertaining animal imitations and calls of the wild (not the "W.C." kind-of-call).)

Recipe for Saturday’s long run:
Add six trail runners, three maps, a bag of Chips Ahoy, two Feelmax Pankas, four Garmin Forerunners (with four different distances), and 6 ¼ cups of pit stop into two State Forests. Slowly mix in a Stone Cat loop (plus a little extra for dusting), and a Fat-Ass & 6-Hour lap with some mud. Stir with an upside-down map and beaver tails. Chill. Let the clock run for 4+ hours. Flip over 22 miles for a half-delirious group. Optional: add mountain bikers for texture. (Missing Ingredient: Michelle!)

POP Quiz: 6 runners and 4 maps.
(no cheating)
  1. Who laminated a map?
  2. Who left the map in the car?
  3. Who printed a map onto waterproof paper?
  4. Who yields to the trail?
  5. Who laughs in the map's general direction?
  6. Who Zip-Lock Baggied a map?

Nicknames, etc.:
(Note: sometimes a nickname readily appears while another warrants deeper distillation. All are very subject to change.)
  • Dan: The Cartographer;
  • Streph: Dr. Feeling-Quite-Himself;
  • KZ: The Vim in Vigor;
  • Steve: Cookie Monster. Leading: Capt. Chips Ahoy;
  • Paul L.: Slingshot or maybe *Speedy Gonzales (the fastest mouse in Mexico). *This might not fit/sit well??—need more information and runs.


RawBodyGoddess said...

AWESOME!!! Sounds like you guys had a blast :)

Dan said...

I love the way tell a story from a totally unique angle. It was nice running with you and the others. I was never good at taking tests. Perhaps you can give me the answers? I vote for Speedy Gonzales!

Running and living said...

You guys are having so much fun! Awesome! Looks like you and Dan are going to be at Fells in December. I'll be there, too, registered for the ultra, but who knows what the weather will let me do...

Unknown said...

You were worth waiting for, even if you don't laugh at all of my jokes. You forgot to add a rusty car to the recipe. It really adds a kick.

Lalaith Means Laughter said...

oh Em..reading this made me laugh...thanks for that you gorgeous creature you!!! Missed you guys