September 05, 2010

Calf Pain is no Bull

Since a fast run and an epic ride on the Cape about 10 days ago, I’ve felt an ache in my right calf.  Now, when I go up stairs I feel a  “clicking” sensation directly in the back of my calf. It’s deep. I am troubled. Of course, I keep trying to replicate it to see if it's still there, still hurting. Dumb...

At first I thought it might be a small pull or strain but with the recent clicking feature, I’m beginning to believe it might be tendonitis. ??? Next week I’ll go in for a Q & A with my PCP. Hopefully the recommendation will be one week off, a series of weekly messages, more gentle stretching, and second helpings of mint chocolate chip ice cream. 
Waiting by the edge of a field... 
the field to get home.
As I was already about 15 miles from Windblown, I couldn’t resist heading over to cheer on some of the Wapack runners. I was also trying to cross paths with some trail gumbas, like Breakheart Dan. and Kevin Z. I didn’t know if Dan would be there but I took a chance. Success! We shared a short hike and cheered on the lead runners before he left. I missed seeing several other folks finish before I split for my green pasture.

The calf feels okay right now but IF I must take a lot of time off,
that will be a real pain in the you know what.


Greg said...

It was great talking with you at the race. I hope your calf gets better quickly. Mint chocolate chip icecream seems to cure many ailments!

Kim said...

Sorry to hear about your calf and hoping for a speedy recovery.

I am in the same boat and have managed to mess up my foot some and its very depressing as its due to my own stupidity which is doing too much in my Vibrams despite warnings. Sigh, I will never learn.

BTW: I think you and I crossed paths at Wapack this past Sunday. I was the woman with a slight limp (twisted my ankle while trying to re locate the Wapack :-p), and I was eating a PB&J.

Take care and enjoy that ice cream!