April 24, 2011

TARC Spring Classic 2011

 Before the Rain...
Running Rob, Breakheart Dan, 
Trail Pixie and the Bard LaTour

The TARC Spring Classic 2011 was held this April 23 on the beautiful trails in Jericho Woods, Weston, Mass. The pouring rain didn't stop many folks from running multiple loops. This Spring Classic consisted of several running events in one: a 10k, half-marathon, marathon and 50k. Each loop was 6.55 miles, except for a special 10k variation for those folks. The rain...and down pours held off until the second loop and then grew increasingly heavier as the day muddied on.
RD, Bob Crowly, me and Kevin Z
Yay, I'm Done! Alas, the rain is not.
(Street-, trail- and photo-cred: kZ, A+ volunteer!)

The best part of this day on the trails was being able to connect with many TUGger folks and friends.

TARC Spring Classic 2011
I felt good with two loops and enjoyed running loop two with Rob, who helped me sprinkle trail pixie dust along the path for all those that followed. My splits were just about even with the second loop about two minutes faster than the first (1:47). I was pleased with the near-even splits! For all the walking I did in the first loop, I am not surprised I felt challenged by the increased pace of my second loop. I am undertrained for distance and speed but there's only one way to get back into it...getting back out in it! When I finished RD Bob declared, "YOU are back!" That felt great! Howl n Hoot!
BigFoot runs through Jericho...

When I finished I felt so invigorated that I thought I might go back out for a third loop sans bib # and take some photos.  But after changing into some dry clothes I quickly recognized I'd have more fun in the aid area catching up with and cheering on friends. I tested my newly sewn light-weight running skirt and it wasn't heavy even from the deluge.The pocket designs worked well and kept essentials dry and in safe. 

I can't wait until The TARC Summer Classic this August!

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Dan said...

So good to see you running again. It was a blast. Another BCT run in a few weeks?