November 29, 2013

DC No. 122: Everyday Objects (12/1/2013)

Emily Trespas 
2.5 inches high |  7.5 inches diameter 
Earthenware Clay

For months I stepped back from this blog to focus on other things. When I recently re-visited blogs I follow and have not read in months, I was enamored by Kristen's invitation for the drawing challenge: Everyday Objects.
Bowls serve many purposes; they contain, transport, and display. Today I went by the kiln house to find my fired pinch pots and slumped vessel projects from last month. Years passed since I worked in clay and this fall I felt compelled to wedge the wet earth into something both practical and beautiful. I needed to touch, form and decorate.

I slumped the bowl (pictured) over a plaster mold before carving its irregular sawtooth edge, and drawing into its surface with sgraffito.  Glazing was another experiment as I did not know what would happen during the firing over scratched passages and overlapping coats.

From soil, this bowl:

I missed reading A Sunny Spot and was thrilled to catch up on Kristen's—and other artists'—posts who participate weekly in the drawing challenge. Please visit A Sunny Spot and see how other artists transformed the mundane, ordinary and Everyday Object into art.


Kristen Donegan said...

WOW! Emily such a great bowl! it's funny I have been thinking about hand building too...and thought I might get it in sometime in the new year-
This is very inspiring! and so good to have you back in the challenge! Missed you - hugs!

tanïa said...

What an amazing piece! The shadows paint new patterns again, which confused me about the real shape and colours...stunning effect!

Patrice A. said...

bowls are one of my favorite objects
and you made a beauty!

nice to see you in the dc again
Patrice A.

nadine paduart said...

your experiment really does show up in a great success, i love the result and i also take to your explanations, both on the workings and the fact you needed a stand back from virtual reality.
it is really lovely, this bowl.

Unknown said...

Just a very stunning post, nothing every day about these ordinary objects, the humble bowl! So glad to see you beck in Blogland!

Jordan said...

This is an awesome bowl. QUESTION: May I refer to it as The Horseshoe Crab Bowl?

Carole Reid said...

Hi Emily, Your bowl is beautiful. I love the sharp pointed edges and the shadows created from them. The backside with your signature has a very earthy feel, which I also love. Have a great week!

Unknown said...

Functional Art. Brilliant. Love it. Norma, x

roberto M. said...

I love this, congratulations! Is this what we call in Spanish "bruñido" (burnished)?
the first picture of this post caught my attention being, and gave me a job "to understand" it was a bowl. I love it!
I like the "play" of light and shadows :)

nadine paduart said...

we're playing again! the new drawing challenge theme is up! we'd love to have you. n♥