November 28, 2012

DC No.85 : State of Mind

Following a creative cookie-crumb trail, I delighted to find The Drawing Challenge. I've always admired Kristen's vision and creativity and follow her blog, A Sunny Spot, so it made sense after enjoying her posts that I would soon seek indulgence. Thanks to Elisabeth—whom I learn founded TDC and 85 creative prompts ago—for TDC this week. State of Mind. For more states visit garnapa, Elisabeth's blog.

Here is my state-of-mind:
Emily Trespas, foggy notion,
collography, m/m on paper, 2012

Pieces. many scattered, collected, gathered and organized, but not touching. Hold them in. Layering, fiddling, seeking— free through peek holes. Muses emerge, whistling, whirling and foggy.


Elisabeth said...

That's an interesting state of mind. I believe I recognize it. The overwhelming impressions and expressions of the brain over and over again, every day. Layers of differences.

Thank you for joining the drawing challenge.

Unknown said...

Hello Emily, I like this piece a lot, it gives me a "clear" impression of your state of mind.

tanïa said...

This is a wonderful artwork, that explains your state of mind quite clearly. Love the colours and layering of materials. Love the energy that comes along.
Herzliche Grüße

Kristen Donegan said...

well you certainly made that "state of mind" look beautiful :)

I think when I'm feeling all that I look much more awkward and messy ;)

So nice your joining in on this Em!!

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Thank you for your responses. I enjoy the opportunity to "visually answer" thematic prompts. How fun to see your interpretations of the theme, too. :0)

Unknown said...

A lovely interpretation showing that a foggy state of mind in not a bad thing! So nice to meet you, -sus

nadine paduart said...

sweet! i love the contrasts and tension.
i find your post on the letterpress equally interesting, by the way.
and how lovely to meet thee!
if you're up for it, there's more challenge, in next weekend's theme!...
ayaya - ooy! ;)))
be very welcome,

Patrice A. said...

hello you
so nice you join the dc!!
I like your foggy mind
the beautiful colors
all those layers
neverthelees it looks calm to me

Patrice A.