March 16, 2015

Preliminary results for the 4th TARC SPRING THAW 6 HOUR

The calm before the storm. 

Below is a link to the preliminary results 
for the 4th TARC SPRING THAW 6 HOUR.
March 15, 2015

THE link with splits: LINK 

Please note that where you see the words "**missing," it reflects that the backup timers and Norm were certain that the runner completed the lap (during the last hour of the race) but did not have that runner's EXACT time.  

If you notice a big discrepancy in your laps and/or time, please let Norm know so he can take an even closer look and so we can get the official results to UltraSign Up ASAP. 

Also, UltraSign Up results reflect the miles completed in the six hours and not the times or splits. 

Conditions were beyond tough and you can say that you ran a trail race on the day that Boston broke its seasonal snow fall record with 108.6 inches!

Some of our timing volunteers!

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