March 24, 2013

DC No. 97: Egg

Egg: Simple, smooth, a container of secrets. 
Below are two of my oil paintings relating to this week's drawing challenge theme.

"Secret" oil on wood, 36 x 24 inches, 2001

 Detail of "Secret"

Working with a limited three-color palette of Ultramarine blue, Burnt Sienna and Zinc White, I developed this painting as an in-class demonstration for my students.
In-class Demonstration, oil on canvas, 12 x 12 inches, 2011

Please hunt for Norma's blog to find more interpretation's from this week's drawing challenge. 


nadine paduart said...

totally intrigued by the title 'secrets', your colour palette works wonders to the egg collection, reminding me of a school book plate, but somehow better.

i equally love the monochrome still life with egg.

mano said...

beautiful secrets! and the second painting is brilliant - I can hardly believe that you used only three colors!
:)) mano

Patrice A. said...

beautiful art work!
the first one looks a bit
like the page i found in an
old encyclopeadia
that last one
is a beauty
the texture of the cloth
and only three colors

Patrice A.

Carole Reid said...

Emily, your idea that an egg is a container of secrets is exciting! Love it and your paintings.

renilde said...

fascinating which effect one can realise with just three colours, three of my favoriet ones,glowing light here,
and 'secret', i tend to say sssst, hush, looking at the beauty of these eggs, very beautiful Emily, xx

Kristen Donegan said...

So true- eggs are the containers of secrets, I really like thinking about it that way..and love your nature study of eggs- reminds me of many illustrations I've seen in old books but yours is warmer/softer more delicate :)

Unknown said...

Both of these works are astonishing Emily. So different and both interesting in their own right. I bet your students were stunned at what can be achieved with three colours only! I wonder if it takes a long time to paint works such as these. They do not look like they are just 'whipped off.' Love them a lot. N, x

Unknown said...

Hi, Emily - both paintings are so interesting, and the demo makes me want to challenge myself with that limited palette. Best Easter wishes, sus

Unknown said...

I love all of your paintings and I agree with Patrice about the encyclopaedia painting. Your third painting looks like it was made from a famous painter such as magritte or Morandi with the reduced color palette - very well done!

nadine paduart said...

hi, i'm back...
i have a query:
you play, next weekend? this is the invitation!

nadine paduart said...

thxs for replying, and nope, not too late whatsoever. have added your name and see you on the weekend!