March 09, 2013

DC 95: Moon

The moon reminds me of texture, walking, phases — and our smallness amid this universe. For this week's Drawing Challenge I created two new moon prints:

"Moon," collograph with chine colle, 3.5 x 3.5 inches

 "Phases," collograph, monoprint, embossment, 9 x 3.5 inches

12 years ago I pulled this lunar eclipse print:
"Eclipse," mixed media print with relief, drypoint, chine colle and pin

For more moon observations visit Patrice's blog.


tanïa said...

Great. All of them. Can't say which I love most. There's something in each, that reaches me deep inside. Something that keeps me staring at them, trying to find out, what it is that fascinates me so much. I can't tell. But it does.

Carole Reid said...

Mmmm, your printed moon is gorgeous, Emily!
I love your header too. Have a great week!

Unknown said...

I like the texture you created with the print, its really very moonlike and the 12 year old work is gorgeous.

Cally said...

I love the textures in these, especially the collograph, where you've caught the nitty gritty rock of the moon!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Emily,
I like your collograph very much! Even that you have used that piece of the dictionary.
Wonderful texture, beautiful fruits! The 'old' one, too. Very moony!

xo Ariane

Kristen Donegan said...

wonderful texture Emily! and color of course- I really am drawn to the phases- the simplicity is really beautiful :)

Unknown said...

emily, beautiful prints, especially I favor the first you posted, with the chine colle. I am inspired! Happy week to you, sus

renilde said...

aha it works now :)

there is, like the word in the first work tells me, a lot of light, moonlight in all three of your works Emily, the moon really shines here with great power and i love all three of them,
i like the pin added to the last work, the pinhead a small moon itself.xx

Patrice A. said...

these are beautiful!
but because etching is
a true love of mine
I fell for the last one
with the dry needle point
simple but so strong

thank you for joining!
Patrice A.

nadine paduart said...

that pull is fascinating.
i like the structures, alot.

Carole Reid said...

Hi again Emily. I'm hosting this week's Drawing Challenge: Willow and if you'd like to join you can sign up at my blog.