May 17, 2014

DC No. 136: Memory

vine charcoal and pastel on paper
8 x 10 inches

A nod to Edgar Allen Poe's poem, I drew a Raven perched on the still life in my drawing studio.  In the actual drawing process, I reflect a fading memory, to which I refer as "history." What was once there, since erased, leaves a trace. 

This week's Drawing Challenge is hosted by my friend Kristen. See links to more artists who explored this theme at her blog here.


Kristen Donegan said...

Super idea Emily! the erased part is a faded memory of the drawing process- I love that you saw that and how I adore your drawing! ravens are magnificent creatures and a favorite of mine :)
Thanks so much for playing along and hope you had a great weekend:)

nadine paduart said...

"what was once there, since erased, leaves a trace". i'm gonna need to hang this up in my house, as a soft sweet reminder of what is, and isn't {anymore}.
ha. the raven. and the quality of sheen(s) in your drawing. n♥

Patrice A. said...

what once was there leaves a trace
so nicely put!
nice drawing of a wonderful bird
and good to see you again
in the drawing challenge!!

Patrice A.

Unknown said...

That's what a memory also does with us. Going back in the past gives unexpected thoughts and drawings. Love the colour and the way you put your birds together.

CERULEAN said...

Really nice how the erased raven is looking around the corner from the past.

Unknown said...

This drawing reminds me of the power of erasure as a mark-making tool - excellent, Emily.

Tammie Lee said...

very clever of you.
lovely to see your sketches.

Unknown said...

Yes I love both your drawing wirh the different stages of reality becoming a memory and edgar allen poe and your reflection are just awesome!
Barbara bee

tanïa said...

Well, I can just go with the others before... the idea, the definition of memory is simply amazing and you put it so nicely into your artwork! I just love it. And have to remind the part with the trace. It's so wonderfully said.