February 17, 2013

DC No. 93: Lighthouse

What a stormy week it’s been. I will leave it at that. 
Thank goodness for Renilde’s  theme this week—LIGHTHOUSE—a beacon for hope and stability.

Sifting through some of my “scrap” monoprints, I found one with a towering silhouette shape amidst a turbulent, violent, ocean.  With conté pastels I added a ship and the radiating light.

 Hoping for calmer waters this week.


Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Emily,
great monoprint, great added drawing! I like the connection of lighthouse and ship very much. And I feel the influence of the weather at your place... fantastic!

x Ariane.

Unknown said...

A strong and beautiful print, well edited to answer the lighthouse dc, Emily - so inspiring. best wishes for the week ahead, sus

nadine paduart said...

calm{er} weather when needed works like a plaster on the wound. au. have collected a few. healing though.

renilde said...

dear Emily, i like the white in your work,
your lighthouse, slender with a solid base spreading its flashes and rays, the ship looks safe in those beams of light no matter how that ocean thunders, thanks for a wonderful inspiring work, xx

Unknown said...

2nd try: Your lighthouse is great, I like the colours and texture in your painting.

tanïa said...

Oh my...this is amazing! I don't have any other words. Just great!