April 28, 2013

DC No. 100: Dance

gouache/watercolor, vintage photo, gold leaf 
6 x 4 inches
This week I strongly considered our theme “dance” as movement in nature—wind through trees, light on water, mating rituals—before choosing one of my Italian Miniature Paintings to share. 

Visual Sources for my Salomé:

  • Detail of Salomé’s dance, Herod’s Banquet, mosaic of XIV century Basilica di San Marco, Battistero, Venezia, Italia;

  • Birds, Basilica di San Francesco, Assisi, Italia;

  • “Venice, 1931,” vintage photographic test print (un provino) from Porta Portese flea market, Roma, Italia. 
  To be enraptured by other dances 


Kristen Donegan said...

It's funny how many things in life are a "dance",
I love the juxtaposition of this piece and think of you in Italy surrounded by all those colors and visual candy.
ciao bella!

Unknown said...

A collage which tells me lots of stories, Emily.
Happy week, sus

Patrice A. said...

beuatiful art piece
and yes
dance is all around us
at the moment i very much enjoy
the dancing twigs of the
blooming trees

thank you for playing
and dancing!

Patrice A.

renilde said...

yes so true there's dancing in nature's movements, i witnessed it this week working in my garden being surrounded by drifting down blossom and butterflies,

what always strikes me in your work is the clear presence of it,it jumps to me, then stories slowly reveal themselves. i like that.
your love for Italy also very clear :)

nadine paduart said...

for some reason i feel totally drawn in by your composition. this is powerful. yes, love it!